Expert Clock Repair

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We service all makes and models of grandfather clocks, hall, clocks, tall clocks.

We are an authorized Howard Miller and Ridgway Service center. Plus we are experienced in the repair of Hermle, Herschede, and many other fine clock brands. In most cases we will come to your home, saving you time and hassle. We service every make and model of grandfather clocks. Each grandfather clock we service is carefully and professionally cleaned, re-oiled, and calibrated. Before we perform our service at your home we will do a quick evaluation of your service needs. When we perform our service we always disassemble the clock to remove the movement which is the main part of the workings of your clock. After the movement is removed we will perform the following tasks:   

  • Clean the movement removing grease and dried oils in your clocks movement
  • Re-oil your clocks movement with a high-quality synthetic oil designed for long life in precision mechanical equipment.
  •  Adjust and calibrate the movement of the clock prior to re-installing it back into the case.
  •  After the movement has been re-installed into the case we will make any final adjustments.
  • Check all functions of the grandfather clock, both with the latest electronic equipment, as well as physically watching the grandfather clock during the cleanup time.
  • Adjust the striking hammers for a crisp sharp sound.
  •  Re-level the clocks case.
  • Address any of the clock owners questions and or concerns
  • Go over the function of the grandfather clock and instruct the clock owner on adjustments and care of their grandfather clock

We service all makes and models including but not limited to:

  • Sligh Grandfather Clocks
  • Emperor Grandfather Clocks
  • Hamilton Grandfather Clocks
  • Colonial Grandfather Clocks
  • Daneker Grandfather Clocks
  • Pearl Grandfather Clocks
  • Herschede Grandfather Clocks
  • Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks
  • Ridgeway Grandfather
  • Hermle Grandfather Clocks
  • Trend Grandfather Clocks
  • Seth Thomas Grandfather Clocks